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The British Mike Xinjiang Kashi dream of a new network – responsible for production management in the training of local workers for grace. Photo by Zhu Jingzhao Mike? Marsden and his children in the Pamirs. Mike photo Beijing, Kashi (reporter Zhu Jingzhao) in October 14, up 6 in the morning to prepare breakfast for children to reach food factory 20 kilometers from the city of 8, local staff at noon and eat together, pull the sliver pilaf, 6 point night back home…… This is the daily life of Mike, an Englishman, in Xinjiang, Kashi, on a daily basis. Mike, 39, who studied organic agriculture at the in the UK, has a natural plot for organic food in the United Kingdom, at the University of London. In 1999, he went to Xinjiang for the first time to visit the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains. Kashi left a very deep impression on him. He found that no local industrial pollution in agriculture is very suitable for the manufacture of high-quality food, the initiation of the idea to set up factories. Soon, Mike, a graduate student of University of London, came to Xinjiang to study at the. From 2001 to 2006, he has completed the Chinese and Uyghur studies, Xinjiang Agricultural University and the University of Kashi in 2013, Mike? Marsden registered Xinjiang Awei Manchester Food Co. Ltd. in Kashi in 2014, his investment in the UK company to spend 500 thousand pounds to buy land to build factories in Kashi. 14, the reporter arrived at the Kashi SAR Food Industrial Park, Awei food factory, see the 10 Uighur workers in the management of personnel under the guidance of the workshop simulation fruit and vegetable peeling, cutting and other production program. After 10 days, the factory will be put into trial production, Mike? Marsden showed his products to reporters. He unscrewed the soft packing lid in the cup out of the red color of the fruit and vegetable paste. He said that the main fruit preferred Akesu apple, Korla pear and Turpan grapes, vegetables planting from Wuqia County on the Pamirs of carrot etc.. During the trial production of 600 packs a day, in February next year after the formal production, the daily output of up to 2000 packs. Mike? Marsden told reporters, Chinese attaches great importance to the cultivation and education of children, love to buy imported food, imported food, but the price is too high, "our goal is to produce quality assured food, help more children". Mike? Marsden assured food dream to attract like-minded young people to participate in the Xinjiang Kashi, is responsible for production management of the Canadian Garn, responsible for quality supervision of American salad has become a member of his team, "the most important support or wife," he said. In 2006, he worked in Kashi foreign trade company Kimberley in 2008 two Americans met and married in the United States, then settled in Kashi. Now, 5 year old daughter in kindergarten in Kashi, the son of the age of 3 to take care of his wife at home. "Kashi has become our new home," Mike said. "He and his wife have become accustomed to everything here. The children learn and play with the children of all ethnic groups in. (end)相关的主题文章:

The Imperial Palace six scenic spots such as the full-time instructors undocumented personnel shall www.osta.org.cn

The Imperial Palace six scenic spots such as the full-time instructors undocumented personnel shall not engage in – Beijing yesterday, municipal people’s Congress Standing Committee of the Municipal Tourism Ordinance draft, revised draft proposed, the city banned travel fare, purchase zhicijiagao goods induced 5 day operation, establish and improve the tourism uncivilized behavior record system. Proposed draft, the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, gradually to the the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Beijing and other six major scenic sites to implement full-time instructors system, without obtaining the certificate of scenic spot explanation personnel shall not engage in the team on the service. Scenic spot – the first mention of the "strategic positioning of the capital city" yesterday, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee held its twenty-ninth meeting to consider the revised draft regulations of tourism. Draft is put forward for the first time the city tourism should adhere to the "capital city strategic positioning, play history and culture, science and technology education, business exhibition and international exchanges and other resources, enhance political cohesion, cultural transmission, social harmony and economic and social development, realize the coordinated development of tourism and tourism industry. In this regard, city vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Cheng Xiaojun, standing committee members proposed in consideration of the bill, Beijing is the capital of the country, the function orientation of Beijing tourism is decided by the nature and functions of the capital city, has political, social and cultural, and economic function, it is necessary to be stipulated in the regulations, better play the tourism service in the capital function, enhance political cohesion, cultural influence, and the role of the force of social integration. The members of the Standing Committee believes that Beijing’s tourism resources with the imperial culture and the capital cultural resources unique, should be qualitative classification management. Accordingly, the revised draft, the city according to the nature and function of the scenic spots, investment construction and management of the main categories of scenic spot pricing and management system. Among them, the public welfare of urban parks, museums, memorials, etc., in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the city pilot free opening, by the tourism administrative departments to the social formula. The use of public resources in the construction of scenic spots, not for profit purposes, tickets for government pricing or government guidance. Various types of market players to invest in the construction of scenic spots, tickets for market regulation, independent pricing. The six major scenic spots will be set up full-time commentator Cheng Xiaojun said, standing committee members believe that the the Imperial Palace, Tiantan and other six world cultural heritage is an important tourism resource, and promote and demonstrate the important representative of national history and culture. For this kind of scenic spots should be able to demonstrate and reflect the true meaning and essence of the world cultural heritage, scenic content should be more informative, more standardized service. The finance and Economics Committee proposes to add a clause in the bill "Tourism Management" to make special arrangements for the interpretation of such scenic spots. Therefore, the revised proposed city listed in the world cultural heritage the Imperial Palace, Tiantan, the Summer Palace, the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Beijing and other sites of six major scenic spots gradually implement guide management system. Scenic spots should be standardized to explain the content, increase the explanation of the historical and cultural connotation, strengthen the commentator, tour guides, tourism volunteer training. Trained qualified personnel, issued by the scenic good相关的主题文章:

Jiangxi four baby girl in Shanghai premature delivery after the rescue of the hospital for two month stellarium

Jiangxi four births in Shanghai premature baby rescue two months after discharge – Sohu news July 7, 2016, Jiangxi Ms. Wu in Shanghai produced four rare monozygotic twins, from the global coverage, the chance is only 115 million, the lightest weight third only 1 and a half pounds, the heaviest but also 2 pounds out. In July 7, 2016 5 pm, from Jiangxi Shangrao pregnant 29 year old Ms. Wu in the obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University after cesarean section have four babies baby, are natural pregnancy, and four identical twins, from the global reports the pregnancy rate is only 1500 1/10000. Because of premature birth, there are two very low birth weight infants four births, the other two are the low birth weight, different degrees of breathing and feeding difficulties, directly after birth was sent to the Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, has produced more than 40 yuan for medical expenses. Surging news (September 22nd) learned from the Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, after 2 months of treatment, four births, the situation improved gradually discharged, the most light weight baby birth 780 grams to 2050 grams, on the same day discharge. However, experts said that the treatment of four births is not over, some complications still need long-term concern, nerve, hearing and other long-term development needs to follow up. In September 22nd, spent 78 days in the warm box third rose to more than 4 pounds, the index reached the discharge standards. The natural pregnancy four births, local doctors have advised labor Wu September 22nd told news reporters surging, the accident is pregnant, when she was 3 months pregnant at a local hospital was judged as triplets, the doctor said at the time that the operation risk, induction of labor, or to the Shanghai hospital for further examination. For the sake of safety, the family in the 5 months of pregnancy, accompanied her to the obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Shanghai Fudan University, found that four of births, and is identical, it is rare, which makes one family are very surprised, after she has fathered 2 children. Taking into account the safety of the mother and child, the hospital will be admitted to the hospital when she was pregnant 29 weeks. On the morning of July 7th, Ms. Wu was found 7 months pregnant with abnormal umbilical blood flow, the doctor prepared for surgery at 4 p.m.. 5 pm, four girls were born, weighs 1120 grams, 950 grams, 780 grams and 1100 grams, parents named love, Ni, Ru, in love, and if you "homophonic, a". At present, from a global perspective, the probability of pregnancy is 115 million, very rare." NICU Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University director Cao Yun said, this is the hospital in the recent 10 years were only four monozygotic twins, 2 baby weight between 1000-1500 grams, which belongs to the very low birth weight infants, 2 other babies less than 1000 grams, which belongs to the extremely low birth weight infants. Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, director of pediatric Chen Chao also introduced, the hospital had in 2004, in 2009 were treated four births, were discharged after successful treatment. This is the third time, fortunately the four babies had no complications of prematurity, retinopathy of prematurity "such as easy blindness, need surgery.相关的主题文章:

Qiu Yi talks about the Kuomintang reborn non key assets VAT culture — Taiwan — people.com.cn chann ffrrr.com

Qiu Yi talks about the Kuomintang reborn: non key assets "VAT culture". – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Qiu Yi on the property of Rebirth: the focus of the non – "VAT culture". Chinese Taiwan network October 14th news according to the "Taiwan ETTV cloud" reports, the DPP won power, and in the "Legislative Yuan" the most advantage through the so-called "improper Property Ordinance", to recover the assets of the Kuomintang, the KMT made no party in September salary. The former "legislator" Qiu Yi 13, the Kuomintang to ashes, to the real property itself, not the focus of deceptive "VAT culture" that is really terrible. Qiu Yi said that the KMT lost power does not matter, but Cai Yingwen is determined to set the Kuomintang to death. At the end of the occasion, but also the incumbent party chairman Hong Xiuzhu wore helmets to go forward, create some enthusiasm. Of course, the usual popular hot drink is hung a vested interest, not pleasing to the eye. Although not in a flagrant way attack, but the three is not five acid a few words, or anonymous in the media to put a blow, also really uncomfortable. "Property is not the point," deceptive VAT culture "is the real life is", said Qiu Yi, the Kuomintang to ashes, to truly reborn, first by those who represent the "VAT culture" in the old, old, old, take the lead to start it! These people are not the party’s vested interest class, are all quite wealthy, very honored the first donation to save a cut above others, take the lead in the party. To fight, but also by these people take the lead in charge of bleeding, the first defendant jailed. Qiu Yi finally said, if so, the Kuomintang can be saved, but also stage a comeback. However, "I really want more, all had a fond dream. Go to sleep, scene of a beautiful dream ". (Chinese Taiwan network (Gao Xu) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章:

Heilongjiang 8 Traffic Police suspended new network – for post release the money overloaded truck shuyue

Heilongjiang 8 traffic police posts to release the money due to overloaded truck was suspended – Beijing – "Heilongjiang Yilan traffic police post paid the release of overloaded car track yesterday, Beijing and investigation reports, overloaded trucks of Songhua River in Yilan County of Heilongjiang Province ferry passing as long as you can get police to release. In October 24th, Yilan County Propaganda Department sent to the Beijing news briefing said that after the incident, 24 on the morning of 9, the principal leaders of the county held an emergency special meeting, listen to the relevant departments to report the situation, and the event handling to make specific arrangements. Informed that has been established by the county committee, discipline committee led, investigation group participated in the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, politics and Law Committee, the propaganda department and the Department of transportation, Public Security Bureau, office and other departments to optimize the development environment, adhere to the principle of strictly and promptly, according to the law according to discipline of the departments and personnel to carry out in-depth investigation, whether involving what people are and what position will be severely dealt with, will not be tolerated. Currently, someone’s 8 police have been stopped duties, cooperate with the investigation team to investigate. At the same time, the report mentioned in the "car" criminal investigation department has been involved in the investigation, the evidence is fixed in the process. In addition, the county government has set up a county head, director of Public Security Bureau deputy magistrate and deputy head, Department of transportation, County Public Security Bureau and other departments for the management of group members, focus on Governance and illegal modification of vehicles overload special action. Provincial Public Security Department inspection strictly and promptly treated from October 13th to October 17th, the Beijing News reporter found in Yilan County of Songhua River ferry, there were five cars of different brands of cars all day long stay here for five days. Jiangbei department, there are at least two different grades of police cars parked. In the past, a large truck driver will transfer money to the police car. In this process, no one inside the police car to get off. Through more than perennial large truck owners and drivers here confirmed from Yilan ferry, Jiangnan, Jiangbei police need to pay one hundred yuan each, "that’s the rules". Yesterday, local sources said, more than 6 o’clock in the morning, the traffic police vehicle ferry side has been withdrawn. From 10 o’clock morning, a number of departments of the county began to intercept the overload trucks in the river, the ferry transportation vehicle usually also outage. Yilan County Traffic Police Brigade responsible person had to respond to the Beijing News reporter said, keep at the ferry traffic police are Yilan County police brigade. It denied that it was in the private card, but the governance of overloaded vehicles." Police said there was no money on car behavior. "If found, the dismissal of the dismissal, the handling of the deal". Yesterday, the Beijing News reported, Yilan County responded that, to carry out a comprehensive investigation and verification, has been set up by the county Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary to take the lead in the investigation group, multi sectoral participation, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, Department of transportation, Public Security Bureau, adhere to the principle of strictly and promptly, according to the law according to discipline of involved departments and personnel to conduct a thorough investigation, no matter what the people involved are and what position will be severely dealt with, will not be tolerated. Currently, someone’s 8 police have been stopped duties, cooperate with the investigation team to investigate. Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau has also sent to Yilan supervision. Jiang Jiang相关的主题文章:

Jiang Chaoliang never live up to the Party Central Committee and Hubei people’s expectations – Beiji plants war

Jiang Chaoliang: never live up to the Party Central Committee and Hubei people’s expectations – Beijing, provincial Party committee held cadres meeting to convey the Central Committee decided that Comrade Jiang Chaoliang Ren Hubei provincial Party Secretary Jiang Xinzhi announced the decision and speech of Wang Xiaodong presided over the meeting of the newspaper news (Hubei Daily reporter Zhao Liangying Gan Yong) yesterday afternoon, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of leading cadres in Wuchang province. Jiang Xinzhi, Vice Minister of the central organization department attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Ren Hubei Provincial Committee, standing committee, Secretary of the. Jiang Xinzhi, Jiang Chaoliang respectively speech. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Xiaodong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Jiang Chaoliang said, I firmly support the decision of the Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and Jiang Xinzhi made important speech on behalf of the central. Vice Minister Jiang Xinzhi’s speech, fully affirmed the Hubei province in recent years, especially the great achievements since the provincial Party secretary Comrade Hongzhong of economic and social development, and for our next work put forward specific demands. Provincial Party organizations at all levels should learn, implement and implement. The central government has fully affirmed the work of the provincial Party committee chaired by Comrade Li, and I fully agree with it. I decided to serve as the Central Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, which is a high degree of trust in the central. I had the honor to work in Hubei, Hubei is full of deep feelings. Go back to work in Hubei, I feel a heavy responsibility, the task is arduous and glorious mission, I will never live up to the Party Central Committee and Hubei people’s expectations. Jiang Chaoliang said that the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee leadership, with Comrade Li Hongzhong as the monitor of the Hubei provincial Party committee to unite and lead the cadres and the masses, thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy, firmly grasp the historical opportunity of one heart and one mind hard pioneer to promote economic and social development, and has made great achievements. This is the CPC Central Committee leadership, pay attention to care and support results, is the provincial team effort and continue to struggle, the results of the tireless efforts of the cadres and the masses, is perseverance, unity and hard work, solid work results. We must cherish the CPC Central Committee on Hubei’s attention and care, cherish the achievements and experience of the provincial Party committee has led the people of the province, cherish the stable development of the reform not easily won the good situation, cherish the rare opportunity of development, do not shake, do not slack off, without having to get off the ground in my spirit, to promote the cause of Hubei continuously made new achievements. Jiang Chaoliang pointed out that the party just concluded in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, a comprehensive analysis of the situation and tasks facing the party building, the system summed up in recent years especially since eighteen Party’s comprehensive strictly theory and practice, to strengthen the Party Construction under the new situation has made a significant deployment of new, fully embodies the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping the core of Comrade unswervingly push forward the comprehensive strictly strong determination and historical play, the overall advancement of the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream, great significance and profound influence. At present, the reform and development of Hubei is at an important historical juncture.相关的主题文章: